Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 23+24 GSPRITE Review

Early purpose of Australia?
Canada transferred from French control to British
Java- Earliest example of empire courtesy of a business initiative
Most important ports in India?
Ethiopia-Why so special?
British take over South Africa

How does the growing population affect Proletariat?
Tropical dependency vs. White dominion

Causes of the French Revolution
How does the French Rev Start?
Moderate phase of French Rev
Radical Phase of French Rev
Napoleon Bonaparte
Affects of Revolution on the Rest of Europe
Peace conference at Vienna
Liberals/ Conservatives/ Radicals
German unification…who was responsible?
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente
Pre-industrial era European expansion(#23)
Declining Mughal Empire
Why was India so easy to conquer?
Militarism on the rise due to fighting over colonies

Evangelical movements

Intellectual/ Technological
Enlightenment Ideas
Louis Pasteur
Benjamin Disraeli
Karl Marx
Charles Darwin
American exceptionalism
Role of the Jingoistic press in shaping foreign policy

Dutch East India Co- Use of Mercenaries to take territory
British East India Co- Ditto
Head and hut taxes
Colonial economies were tied to global markets dominated by Europe

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